Here's What I Think About SEO Companies

Pretty much every week I get an email from a reader asking what I
think about SEO consultants and companies who claim to be able to
increase the search rankings and traffic to your website.

In my opinion most of those people and companies are not worth the
money. Usually they charge an upfront fee, perform some basic work,
and then disappear. On some cases your rankings will increase
slightly, but very often you won't notice any change....

Are there exceptions? Yep.

In fact, another common email I get is people asking a
recommendation for a good SEO company, and always reply telling
them to checkout

Why is this company an exception? Because they have built their
business on a pay-for-performance model, based exclusively on
delivering results. That is, once you become a client, you don't
need to spend a dime. They will start working on your site (both
on-site and off-site optimization), and only when you start getting
good rankings you'll start paying. If you don't rank, you don't pay.

That's why I like their services, and that is why I have had
RankPay as a sponsor of my site for almost two years now.

Their pricing is also very fair, and it's presented upfront and
locked-in for the duration of the program. It's a monthly fee
based upon your average rank. They have a free tool you can use to
help determine which keywords you could rank for, and how much it
would cost. Simply visit, input your website
URL, and the keyword you would like your homepage to rank for.

I asked the CEO of the company if I could offer a promo code to my
subscribers, so that you can test drive the service, and he created
one that will give you $50 in credit. Just use the promo code
"Promo50" while signing up to claim your credit.

Check it out, and if you become a client, please let me know how
your rankings increase. Here's the link again:
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