ClickBank Sales In 60 Minutes

If you had a system that generated $500 in ClickBank sales in 40 minutes, without spending a single cent, would you let everybody use it?

Of course not.

And that's why this guy "AJ" is only letting 200 people access his NEW, very weird "hybrid" traffic tactic.

Check it out now:

This exciting traffic trick is like a weird hybrid of Adwords, SEO, PPV and ClickBank -- only its better than ALL of them.

Imagine the speed of Adwords... but with 100% FR.EE traffic...

And that still doesn't do justice to how FAST this thing generates results. And best of all, because its so weird and new, you don't even need a website, and you don't need to spend more than $0.10 to get started.

Some of Anthony's students have already activated the software - and reported sudden gains of up to
$75, $165 or even $235 in under an HOUR. The beauty is that no-one will see what you're up to - you'll just slide under the radar and take your profits.
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